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How to proceed : You take a bit of the mask, and gently massage it into damp skin. Then, you leave it on for about 10 minutes, and rinse it out with warm water. This small ritual always relaxes me so much! The mask is just sticky enough to make it easier to apply, it appears very thick but it becomes more transparent when you apply smaller quantities (see picture above). The mask is very gentle, and although you do feel the strawberry seeds gentle scrubbing you face – it goes on smooth and nice. It is safer to apply face scrubs with only your fingers (no Clarisonic, or other face brush please, as scrubs + brush may be too harsh for your skin) and make delicate circular movement for a light massage. If in a rush, you can also rinse it off right away and still get a nice exfoliation effect. I personally like that it comes in a little solid pot, I find it easier to take just the amount of product I need as compared to a tube because I always press it too hard and end up with more product than necessary. Plus, the Mask is so delicious, that you really want to use it till the very last drop of it. That packaging kind of makes me think of a jar of strawberry jam, maybe because of the slightly yellowish colour of the label, and vintage letters. The first time my BF saw this, he thought I bought some sweet jam and wanted to taste it – I stopped him just in time!

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They are most commonly used by anaesthetists to channel oxygen or anaesthesia gas to a patient's lungs during surgery and in the pre-hospital setting (for instance by paramedics and emergency medical technicians ) for unconscious patients.

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