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The only way to make yourself more powerful is by exploring the dungeon and finding power stones littered throughout each level. By returning a power stone to your house (yes, you live in the dungeon, apparently), your Strength statistic slowly increases, and thus might be able to kill slightly more powerful enemies. You also find coins lying around the landscape, which boost your HP when you return home. You have access to some magic spells, although none of them are used for offensive purposes. They’re mostly used to break down walls, warp throughout the dungeon, save the game, or bring up a map. All of your magic is powered by little bottles that are also haphazardly strewn around the place. You can also find a cross, which protects you from damage but prevents you from attacking anything; a ring, which lets you push blocks; and a key to unlock treasure chests. Unlike many games of this type, the levels aren’t randomly generated, so the same objects appear in the same locations every time.

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